About Me

How you doin’? My name is Mo. I’m a fun, outgoing, simple but kinda complicated, Island bred, married mother of two; who loves God, life & the beauty I find in almost everything.  Nuff Luv To You Blusher & Welcome to my blog & a lil piece of my world 🙂 Oh, I almost forgot I’m a makeup junkie  collector, yes I got that itch…lol


If you want to drop me a line or ask a question you can message me: holmique@yahoo.com or PM me on Youtube .

If you are a company, and would like me to review or try out your product, you can message me at blushingyal@yahoo.com. Thank you.


Everything I review, swatch, haul etc., on this blog, I bought, and if it was given to me by a company…trust me…you will know.  I’m a honest person in my regular life, and I will remain the same here.

I spend a lot of hours on creating this blog, taking pictures of my swatches, and putting my words together. Please do NOT spend a few seconds of your time to use my hardwork somewhere else without letting me know, or asking me first.  So if you want to use my words, or pictures just ask! Thanks for your                   co-operation.