Sephora + Pantone Universe Color Of The Year Collectors Set Review and Swatches

This limited edition collection set is a a collaboration with Sephora and Pantone Universe.  Featuring a “color of the year.”  Though each piece can be purchased separately or in mini sets, this was compiled to give a taste of what’s offered  in the range and at the affordable price of only $68 for six pieces!  The color of the year is Tangerine Tango, a vibrant tangerine with a hint of coral.  And the color choice is right on trend too.  The color and HYPE did pull me in even though I don’t like this type of color on my lips.  But I just knew the blush and the quad were gonna be MINE!  I had this set for over a month now; I really wanted to make sure I wasn’t being too picky.  But this purchase was disappointing(ask my friend Alexis…if you mention this set in her hearing she curses from hell and back!). Anyway I returned it!!!  I usually make products work, even when they don’t, but I was really not feeling this at all.  Too bad, because the color and presentation is beautiful.  I’m thinking about getting the blush duo on it’s own, but I’m in no rush; if it sells out…..oh well!  Set available HERE.

Pantone Universe Says: 

Color is life. Live it.

Color is essential to your life. The colors you love are deep and vital affirmations of who you are. Bringing those colors into your day and your environment is the ultimate form of self-expression.

That’s why we created Pantone Universe, a design-led collection for the home, the workplace and the road… Accessories and apparel you need in designs you want – and in colors you love, by Pantone, the author of the universal color language.

You know who you are. Now, let the rest of the world know.
Or the universe.”

the Color Of The Year Quad would have been great had the colors worked better and didn’t just blend away to nothing or to a hot muddy mess.  And the “star” color, Carnelian, was a total bust! It was crumbly, dry, and overly shimmery…sigh, it’s almost pretty though and the different finishes were present(excuses).  The colors compliment each other nicely but that’s a waste if they don’t stay put even with a good primer.

Tangerine Tango Twist liner is pretty decent with good wear time and pigmentation.  But I wish it weren’t so shimmery/frosty a matte or cream would have worked so much better.

The blush duo has two gorgeous shades, but the performance of Desert Flower(shimmery tangerine) made me sulk a bit.  It has similar texture issues as the tangerine color in the eye quad, and is just waaaaaay to shimmery….DAMN SHAME!  The colors are so beautiful though…

This “blush” was a total waste of product for me.  It’s sheer, shimmery, dry…let me stop there, it’s just a no go!! 😦 I wouldn’t even use it as an eyeshadow.

Some people may like the lip products, they actually aren’t that bad.  I think these will be more of a personal preference type deal(not that the others aren’t).  The lipstick wasn’t creamy enough which made it sink into my oh-so-sexy(not) lip lines, and had poor wear time, lasted about 2 hours on me.  The lipgloss is very creamy and almost comfortable on my lips had it not been for those darn glitter/shimmer/sparkles/fairy rocks all up in the mix.  It wore about the same time as the lipstick, and has a beautiful, vibrant yet creamy color.

That’s All—This is a fail for me.  But if you are intrigued and think you can rock with these, go get you some because the price is good.  And if you already own this let’s know how you like it!

By the way Sephora is releasing an eyeshadow palette and a brush set from the Sephora + Pantone line, they look really pretty and I’ll be getting the palette…I have waaaay too many brushes to get the brush set!  I’ll let you know the release date ASAP!!                         

Nuff Luv Blushers!!!!


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