MAC Reel Sexy Collection Lipstick Swatches

So The Reel Sexy Collection has eyeshadow duos,  lipsticks, blushes, nailpolishes, MSF and probably more!  But I only chose to do lipsticks because they are the stars and I’m being very selective!

I’m still figuring out how to take hand/face swatches with my camera, and don’t mind the skin I have situations going on:)

                                                          Pink Popcorn(L), Reel Sexy(A), Watch Me Simmer(A)-(repromote), Heroine(M)

                                                           Soft lavender pink-This applies lighter/more pink on my lips

                                                     Bright, creamy Peach-This is really pretty, if you have Gotta Dash(Sheen Supreme) it’s the same color; I don’t like the texture of Gotta Dash though.  Jazzed, Ever Hip, Cut A Caper are all pinker.

                                                      Bright Pink Coral, I love this!  Viva Glam Nicki is pinker. But if you are trying to decide which to get I say go with the Viva Glam; it’s for a good cause.

 Before I describe this color let me say; a heroine is a female hero.  Heroin is the drug. I’ve seen a lot of people confusing the words. This is a gorgeous grape, violet purple, and very similar to Violetta. And though it’s said to be matte it feels/looks like a semi-matte finish.

 It’s a tad richer and has matted finish compared to Violetta. Both are gorgeous though!

My top choices are definitely Watch Me Simmer and Heroine!

About blushingyal

Just a simple, complicated girl, In a simple complicated world. In love with beautiful things, and beautiful people. A mommy, wife and loving life :-) Nuff Luv Blushers....Inside & Out
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5 Responses to MAC Reel Sexy Collection Lipstick Swatches

  1. Wow, those lipsticks look great!!! I must go to the MAC counter to check them out!!!!

  2. wilderjmc says:

    Can’t wait to get mines, great post!

  3. PRINCESS FI FI says:

    I am a lipstick junkie!!!!! So I love them all!!!!

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