MAC In Extra Dimension SkinFinish Glorify And Rich Core EyeShadow Swatches

Hey Blushers!!!! So I’m kinda back….kinda!  I’m still working on a new blog/website so mind me a little.

I just wanted to stop by and do a couple of quick posts of some newly released MAC items. I’ll be doing a few reviews of other brands also…So get ready fo’ me!!!

MAC SAYS: “Introducing a new liquid-powder formula with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face.”

In Extra Dimension Collection features eyeshadows & skin finishes….Oh and a couple of the split fibre brush….I do not like the brushes at all!!

I only got two items from this collection, as I’m being a bit more “picky” with my purchases.  However due to my love of the texture I may a couple more shadows.

There are three skinfinishes and a 10 eyeshadows. But I only got one from each.  They are said to have new formulation; liquid-powder hybrid. And they feel like that on my skin.

                                                        Extra Dimension SkinFinish in Glorify($29) & Extra Dimension Eyeshadow In Rich Core($20). This collection features all Limited Edition items.

                                                     Glorify SkinFinish is a rich golden copper color with a metallic finish.  But has a super soft texture, and while it’s creamy it has more of a dry feeling to the touch.

So I tried this on as soon as I got home and I loooove it! It feels very smooth on the skin, but a light hand is needed. I can see me wearing this on top of other blushes or alone.  I kept it on for about six or so hours and it held up with no fading so I’m guessing it will probably last a lot longer. I intend on using this as an eyeshadow as well.

                                                             Rich Core Eyeshadow is beautiful, it’s a medium burgundy color with a metallic finish, and blends like no other eyeshadow I’ve ever used.  I knew when I saw this it was the one for me. And I don’t have anything in my collection like this…SCORE!!  I’m also looking at Grand  Galaxy so we’ll see about that one:)

I say get at least one of the Eyeshadows or SkinFinishes you(hopefully) won’t be disappointed!

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2 Responses to MAC In Extra Dimension SkinFinish Glorify And Rich Core EyeShadow Swatches

  1. here says:

    Could you email me with some pointers about how you made your blog look this awesome , I would be thankful.

  2. wilderjmc says:

    Wow that highlighter powder is sick!

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