Milani HD Advanced Concealer

I’m back blushers!! I’m still waiting on my camera, but I’ll continue to use my five year old, not so great but ever so faithful camera 🙂

I purchased the Milani HD Advanced Concealer months ago, and have been using it on and off.  I paid about $8 at Walgreens.  And it has .045 fluid oz. The packaging is sleek and nice; it has the typical Milani gold package, with the product peeking through the middle; quite expensive looking, however it is plastic.

Milani Says: “HD Advance Concealer click pen covers imperfections, dark circles, with a weightless, good-for-your-skin liquid formula that leaves a natural finish as it brightens with a soft focus for flawless skin.”

I sort of agree with most of what Milani says.  It does feel good on my skin, and is not heavy at all.  I however don’t know how “good” it is for my skin or not 😉 And where does the HD come from? I know every company is jumping on the HD bandwagon though.  As a Business graduate I understand the marketing behind that, but as a customer please tell me why this is an “HD concealer!”

The shade I have is Medium Honey, the darkest of the four shades they carry. I’m a bit surprised Milani doesn’t have a wider variety for darker skin. The shade I have is about a shade lighter than I would like, even though it blends down nicely. So if you are anywhere in the cocoa, cappuccino, chocolate range, except for white chocolate of course…lol! Then you would have to skip this.  Honey would work for someone who is a light-medium caramel, such as MAC NC45/44, Revlon Colorstay Rich Ginger/Caramel(dry skin) or Black Opal Heavenly Honey/Rich Caramel.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a concealer, more like an under eye brightener. It covers enough for me, but I don’t have dark circles.  For someone that may have under eye darkness, circles or bags this will not help you.  However the finish is nice and smooth; so if you’re like me, and love to brighten the under eye then this may work for you 😉 Also the click feature isn’t that great at first, so you may want to give it some time….say maybe after about 50 clicks.  The product came up easier after my third time using it, maybe after 2-3 clicks; It could very well be the one that I got though.

I give this a 3 out of 5 or C! Especially because of the lack of darker range, and because it doesn’t really conceal enough for it to be called a concealer.

Let me start off by saying, I didn’t realize just how much Milani products I have, and actually really like….well except for this one 😦  If you have the Milani HD Advanced Concealer let us know your thoughts blushers.

Nuff Luv Blushers!!


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2 Responses to Milani HD Advanced Concealer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mo , i watched a couple of your youtube videos and i wanna ask a question, i use the mac concealor in nc50 and the studio fix foundation stick in both a nc45 and nc50 (my face is two dif shades so i blend both), but whats an affordable drug store brand that could replace those colors. Thanks much………………………..and big up yuh self rep jamaica straighhht. !!!!!!!!!!

    • blushingyal says:

      What’s up darling, I’m multi-colored too…hehehe, but I say most definitely Black Opal Stick foundation. I love it, and you can get 2 for about $20 dollars. I think a good match would be Truly Topaz, and you can go up or down the next shade. Or you can use a darker powder around the darker parts of your face 😉
      Affi rep mi fren!!!

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