MAC Surf Baby Collection Ad….WTH?!!

Hey Blushers!

So I was surfing the net looking for possible swatches and info of upcoming MAC collections.  Then I came across this photo(from “Surf Baby” Collection):

                   I kept looking at the picture to see the appeal, and I’m still looking.  Who approved this photo of this ‘back from the dead’ looking model?!  She seems to be a pretty girl, but whoever did this makeup for this ad needs to be let go!  SHE LOOKS DEAD DAMN IT!! Like a forgotten about old onion, drying away in my pantry.  There’s nothing surfer-esque/babyish/pretty/sexy/appealing about this picture.  She looks so unwanted, and unhappy…….poor baby, I think she and the makeup artist need a serious hug!

What do you think blushers? How appealing is this to you? If you had to solely depend on this photo to make your purchase, would you?

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Just a simple, complicated girl, In a simple complicated world. In love with beautiful things, and beautiful people. A mommy, wife and loving life :-) Nuff Luv Blushers....Inside & Out
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8 Responses to MAC Surf Baby Collection Ad….WTH?!!

  1. kia says:

    so funny! YES she looks dead and this is reminiscent of rodarte ;( im still looking forward to the collection tho!

  2. marsh says:

    Dat no mek it….lol.

  3. Alexis says:

    LOL im not into the bleached no brow look and like u said this ad is not doing it for me!!! It is not the samething 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    Lol. Ur post was funny

  5. Jeneille says:

    I so agree with you Mo. I’m one of those people that get drawn in by ads and based on this alone I wouldn’t even look at the collection. The ad reminds me of the controversial Rodarte collection :s

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