Illamasqua Powder Blushes: Swatches and Review-Tweak, Sin, Nymph


It’s not a good idea to write while I’m watching Cailou with the kids. I gets distracted y’all…especially with his kinda creepy, annoying voice…lol

Anyway today I will talk about my favorite thing….Blushes!  I have three Illamasqua blushes.  I looooove them all, but one, not because it’s not a good blush, but because it’s a bit too cool for me, and it would be too high maintenance for me to keep.

Illamasqua Says:

Hold your look, while you hold everyone else’s. Illamasqua’s finely milled Pressed Powder feels soft and silky to the touch, and fixes make-up in place, creating a velvet-smooth and shine-free finish that lasts as long as the night. Comes in a mirror compact for touch-ups on the go.

The Blushes:

  • Nymph-A cool toned bubble gum pink
  • Tweak- A reddish, pinky coral
  • Sin-A deep purplish/violet
  Please note: I am, and have been using my older camera, so sorry for the picture quality.


All I have to say is I really like these blushes! They are buttery smooth, matte finishes, that last all day. They are super pigmented and bold, and are true to color.  The packaging however, is not so nice; it’s quite bulky, and looks like any other drugstore brand, and it feels pretty cheap too….I wish they would change the packaging, not the design just the feel, and size of it.  For the price I expect a bit more.  They cost about $24, which is what’s preventing me from stocking up, but I’m satisfied with what I have. Oh….no I’m not, I have another pink one to get, not sure which one yet, but it’s coming with mama!

You can find these at Sephora, where they carry about 18 shades, I guarantee you will find one you like.  Also the swatches and descriptions online are pretty close to the actual thing.  These are my favorite matte blushes from a high-end brand! And I go back and forth amongst about six or so mid to high-end brands.

A Bit About Illamasqua: 

Our Heritage

Illamasqua is the product of a heady mix of influences. Its roots stem from the dark and illicit 1920s club scene, and combine a rich heritage in the manufacture of make-up for film and theatre. It also takes inspiration from members of the ‘alternative scenes’ for whom self-expression is paramount. Alternative cultures have always dared to be dramatic. They have an emotional attachment to making up. It’s an expression of their darker side, a release for their alter ego.

Illamasqua is for the bolder person hiding inside all of us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncrasies. A confident statement of self-ownership.

About blushingyal

Just a simple, complicated girl, In a simple complicated world. In love with beautiful things, and beautiful people. A mommy, wife and loving life :-) Nuff Luv Blushers....Inside & Out
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4 Responses to Illamasqua Powder Blushes: Swatches and Review-Tweak, Sin, Nymph

  1. 1xellus1 says:

    Loving Tweak & Sin on you. Probably will look great on me too since we wear the same shade of foundation. LOL I’m a sucker for a good blush. These are cheaper than NARS. Thanks for sharing.

    • blushingyal says:

      Anytime darling, I love them!! Nars is awesome too, but these are just amazing on me! I think you’d get more wear out of Tweak. It can be a year round blush 😉

  2. lidia brewer says:

    I love that sin on your skin!

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