Getting Free Makeup For Review….Yay or Nay


Hey Blushers!

I thought I would pose a question to you lovely ladies.  So as some of you may know, my YouTube channel as grown a lot over the past year, and with that growth came the opportunity/perk/burden, trust me it sometimes feel like a burden, to do reviews, but I do them anyway because it comes with the territory, and I usually don’t mind.  But I personally at times, have felt like certain youtubers are not being genuine in their reviews, or not being all the way honest or detailed about certain things when they are reviewing a product that was given to them.  Or they are partial to a certain company regardless of how bad the product is.

I for one, am very honest when I do a review; good, bad, or indifferent.  Because I was, and still am a viewer.  And I look to other people to help me try out products. It somtimes bothers me because within the beauty community we depend on eachother to know how a product works or looks before we buy.  So I want to know that my viewers trust me, and are able to count on my honesty, no matter what.

 I want to know your thoughts on what you think about youtubers/bloggers getting free products to review.  You can take the poll below, and leave a more detailed comment.   Thanks blushers! I know I can count on you 🙂


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5 Responses to Getting Free Makeup For Review….Yay or Nay

  1. Nickie says:

    I truly do believe it’s all on who is reviewing the product. If I feel like this person has been honest in the past then I dont mind it. Some reviews I wont watch because I feel like that person isnt going to be honest, and is just looking to get free stuff. I trust you Mo you have helped me make a decision on a few things that I have purchased.

  2. bunny starr says:

    reviews only go as far as the product’s price and contents. we have different skin types, and products react differently on our skin. still, when viewing reviews, i try to look for credible make-up gurus like bubzbeauty, cl2425 and michelle phan. 😀

  3. Being a blogger and new you tuber myself, I have no problem with blogger/youtuber getting free products. I do however think that all reviews should be honest and fair. I like you, look to my fellow bloggers and youtubers for product reviews b/c it helps me find my next beauty fix. I have my trusted ones who I know will always be honest and then I have others who I just watch/ read for entertainment.

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