The Makeup Show Los Angeles


Heeeeey Blushers!!!   So I’ve finally found some time to put together a little  summary of my Makeup Show experience.  But before that, let me say this; the Makeup Show is a Pro only event.  If you are a salon/spa owner, makeup artist. beauty advisor, or involved in the beauty industry you are welcome to purchase tickets for the show.  Unlike IMATS, The Makeup Show is a bit more scaled down, and relaxed with more focus on getting new products out, product knowledge, education, and just putting the word out, especially for the professionals, and bloggers.

The Preview Event

There was a blogger/vloggers event that was held the day before the show.  We were invited to take part in the preview party, to hear about the vendors, speakers, and other artists that would be there.  We got a chance to meet other bloggers/vloggers, we were given a generous gift bag filled with goodies, and got a chance to meet, and interview some celebrity makeup artists, and other industry professionals.  I didn’t get a chance to interview anyone that night because I had to leave early(mommy duties).  But I did get a few questions in at the actual event.

                                                                                                                    (Preview Event FOTD)     Face: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Macao, Ben Nye Translucent Powder in Topaz.  Cheeks: MAC’s Bite Of An Apple Blush.  I think I highlighted my cheeks with a foundation in Toffee from Garden Botanika.   Lipstick: Jordana Auburn/NYX Bloom Lipliners, MAC’s Toxic Tale.  Eyes: Primed with ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, MAC Arena(lid), Saddle(crease), Corduroy/Sketch(outer V), Milani Liquif’eye in Teal(waterline).  I added some random falsies, that did not work well, I applied them with DUO lash glue.                                                       

The Makeup Show 

The Next day, Saturday, was the big day for me!  I woke up…….late!  Pulled myself together, rushed through my morning routine, put my “gotta get outta here” face on(tut to come).  And kissed my three men goodbye, so I could partake in the splendor of a makeup lovers dream.

I got to the show about an hour late, but to my surprise it was not overcrowded, or overwhelming for that matter, unlike IMATS, but that’s another story.  My game plan was to do my personal, and freelance kit shopping first, catch a few interviews after, and all within three hours, remember I have mommy duties 🙂 so I was on a time limit.   Soooo that didn’t quite happen.  I did get in a few questions, but mostly shopping was done….big surprise there! I will tell you guys about my favorite purchases/gifts, and the show highlights for me.

From left to right: Elessa from Pursebuzz, Sara from,  Danessa Myricks, celeb makeup artist,  AJ Crimson, celeb makeup artist, and creator of Kissable Couture, Koren from Enkore Makeup, Ebony from Colouredbeautiful.


  • I stopped at Makeup Forever first, and I knew exactly what I wanted.  I got three lipsticks from the Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Line in #s 23, 32, 36, and 49
  • I purchased a set of gorgeous glosses from Kissable Couture by AJ Crimson.  I can’t wait to dive into all of these lip accessories:-)
  • I got a ten pan palette from INGLOT, with shadows of course.  I was a bit surprised with the small selection, but the quality speaks loud and clear!
  • I must say that Kevyn Aucoin was surprisingly my favorite stop!  I got their blush/powder brush….heaven’s clouds will glide on my face when I use this brush….I loooooove  it!  And I can’t wait to try out the skin enhancer that I purchased; I got it in shade sx12, I wish I could compare it to sx13 but they were out of that shade, so I’ll make this work, hyperpigmentation and all….
  • I also got quite a few empty palettes from auraline beauty, which I’m super excited about, because I’m a depotting fiend :8
  • I also can’t wait to really put my Unii palette to the test, I really like the design and the concept of this cute little palette.

1. Kevyn Aucoin Large Powder/Blusher   2. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick 3. Kevyn Aucoin Skin Enhancer    4. Kissable Couture Lipgloss Set    5. Auraline Empty Palette    6. Unii Palette     7. INGLOT Free Style Palette w/ Eyeshadows


I did stop at other places, which you’ll be able to see in my haul video below, but these were what really caught my eye.  I did get a few interviews in with YSL, INGLOT, The Powder Group, and a few other representatives, but I will talk about those in other posts.  I also want to ask more questions, because I wasn’t able to get in all the questions I had, because everyone was really busy.  I think I’ll be better prepared next time though.

I was so pleased to have met Ebony(colouredbeautiful), and finally met Sara(themakeupsnob) we’ve been talking on the same forum for almost a year now.  And I can’t wait to really get to talk with Danessa Myricks, I had no idea who she was, but her energy was so magnetic.  And her hair, did I mention her hair…soooo hooooot!!!  I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see or speak with Mr. Billy B himself *sigh* But I’m a go-getter, so I’m pretty sure that will happen very soon:-)  I did see Koren, and Elessa.  They will be doing a tour called:        Out of The Box, where they talk about, and demonstrate makeup application.

All in all I had a blast, I enjoyed my gifts, my purchases, the interviews I got to conduct; and with all the shopping and yapping going on.  I think it’s a beautiful experience, especially for someone who is fairly new to the makeup artistry world…

So I will be reviewing a lot of products, I will also do a couple giveaways, and I will definitely be playing in all this beautiful makeup I received and purchased.  Thanks Blushers! Nuff luv….Until next time!

Preview Event:

Gift Bag Haul:

My Purchases:



Special thanks to Melody, Vincent James, Michael Devellis, and everyone that afforded us this fabulous, and educational event.


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