Coastal Scents Smokey Palette…


First of all I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you beautiful ladies, and I wish many blessings & success your way…

Youtube  video

Now on to the post…

So I saw a couple of people on Youtube talking about this palette, and decided to get it.  Upon first receiving the palette I was thinking it was awwwiiiit.  But after using it a few times, and playing around with the colors. I must say this is a really nice palette.  The palette has 36 eye shadows in a variety of finishes and textures.  Though some of the colors are lacking, and need a base to show up, others are amazing and don’t need a base, nor primer 8). And though at first glance you would look at it like ‘why is this called a smokey palette?’ But then you’ll notice how beautiful the layout is. 

The shadows are separated into six sections:

  1. Neutrals/Oranges/Coppers
  2. Greens/Yellows(Rich, blackened brown is included)
  3. Purples
  4. White/Silvers(Matte black, and taupe is included)
  5. Blues
  6. Pinks(Matte black with pink shimmer is included)


What I like about:

  • The price is pretty great for 36 shadows.
  • Most of the shadows are pretty darn great
  • There are different textures/finishes, ranging from beautiful mattes to metallics.
  • The layout of the colors are also genius, thumbs up to coastal scents for that.

What I like Don’t about:

  • This palette takes forever to open, the casing is ridiculously tight at the end where you lift both tabs, I actually have an old tweezer set aside to open it.
  • I wish there was a nice soft brown that I could use as a blending/transitional color, and a soft golden brown brown/cream as highlighters


 Left-No Base   Right-NYX Jumbo Pencil(Milk) 

Overall this is a great palette, and I think it’s worth the money. The palette retails for $22.95, I paid $16.95 for it on sale (They usually have different sales every Friday). And it’s only available at coastalscents…Trust me, I’ve look everywhere. 


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7 Responses to Coastal Scents Smokey Palette…

  1. TGA says:

    this was a really great in depth review and i really appreciated it! thanks for the hard work.

  2. Nickie says:

    Great post Mo. I love how you gave them thumbs up thumbs down.

  3. Carrie says:

    I was going to get this palette, but I was tad bit skeptical. Thanks MO for this review…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was going to get this palette, but I was tad bit skeptical. Thanks MO for this review…..

  5. Sherri says:

    I love this review, awesome!!!! I’m always on the lookout for CS sales to get palettes. Less than $30 for a ton of colors is better than $30 for a single shadow.

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