How To Get Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Lipstick…

…If you’ve purchased from before: Make sure to go and store your info in the system(billing/shipping) Right Now!!! Before you try to place your order tonight/at midnight.

If you have not purchased from before:

  1. Go to the website, add any lipstick to your cart
  2. Go to checkout
  3. Add your billing/shipping info
  4. Click on continue shopping
  5. Go back to the site 15 minutes before Nicki’s lipstick becomes available, when it becomes available add it to your cart, then remove the previous lipstick you added, then checkout!

FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE UNTIL 12/12(no code necessary).
December 10 & December 17 at approxiamately 12am est–9pm pst–11pm cst, on those dates 🙂 Happy shopping blushers

Nuff Luv


About blushingyal

Just a simple, complicated girl, In a simple complicated world. In love with beautiful things, and beautiful people. A mommy, wife and loving life :-) Nuff Luv Blushers....Inside & Out
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6 Responses to How To Get Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Lipstick…

  1. Love this look!! You look gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  2. Alexis says:

    Woohoo! good looks Mo 🙂

  3. Nickie says:

    That’s good advice Mo, can I add a bit of advice ladies if you are trying to purchase it do it quickly and make sure if your going to purchase other items add them a few minutes before the lippie becomes available because if you wait, once it sales out in 6 minutes it will be removed from your cart.

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