MAC Colour Collection Holiday Haul/Swatches

So as most of you know I did a little hauling, but I will show you swatches/comparisons of my goodies.  I was really not thrilled with the Tartan Tale(special packaging) section of the collection at all, so I got nada….well, actually I will be getting one of the pigment sets 🙂

Lets Start with the blushes:

My Highland Honey (satin)-: This is a soft, true peach, but applies as as a very soft pinky-peach on my cheeks, and I really like it.  I don’t recommend this for anyone darker than I am though; as it will come off ashy, and very unflattering 😦  I’m MAC NC50(select spf 15) and Caramel in Revlon Colorstay(oily/combo).

                                                                                                                                                                                             Compared to Ripe Peach Blush Ombre: I compared it to Ripe Peach, and they are very similar, except for the shimmer particles in Ripe Peach, and there is more color payoff, and range when using Ripe Peach.                                   


I also showed Gingerly blush(brown peach), because MHH behaves just the same, it just colors your cheeks….oh….so”gingerly”:-)                                                                  




Her Blooming Cheeks(satin): This blush is a bright, blue based pink color. It applies a bit softer than the color in the pan, and I believe this will look gorgeous on almost all skin tones, especially chocolate blushers….yes sur, yes sur! lol!  I compared this to Tippy blush, which to me is a medium-light, fresh pink color. They are, not alike, and I’m glad I have both 🙂 he he he he


On to the lipstick swatches/comparisons:                                                                                      I picked up Cut-A-Caper(Lustre) lipstick, it was the only one I was drawn to, it’s a beautiful soft pinky-peach. It applies very soft on the lips, and gives me  that “my lips are this luscious naturally” ;-).  I compared/showcased this to Shy Girl, Perennial Highstyle lipglass, and Toxic Tale.  I’ve also been asked about how it compares to Ever Hip, I don’t own Ever Hip, but from what I’ve seen; Ever Hip is an orangey-peach, while Cut-A-Caper is a pinky-peach. I do believe it’s the lipstick sister to Perennial Highstyle, though it’s more opaque.                                                   







I also picked up The Family Crest Pigment.  It’s a gorgeous deep brown with beautiful shimmers of gold, but somehow I see a hint of burgundy in the mix, it could be that I cross swatched with the lippies, but I doubt it.  Well I just checked and there is definitely a hint of burgundy/violet shimmers in the mix, this makes it even more unique, and beautiful!






I added some of the other pigments & shadows I didn’t get 🙂


The Pearlglide liners are gorgeous, and I still haven’t gone back to pick up Undercurrent*smh* I will kick myself in the teeth if I miss this liner 😦

The larger, plaid design eyeshadows look beautiful, and swatch wonderfully but they are too sheer for my liking and definitely dupeable.




The Play It Cool palette was the only eyeshadow palette that caught my eyes, especially the middle color on the top row(golden silver color), but I don’t think Im going to get it, or I’ll just wait for it to pop up at the CCO.                            




This is just to show My Highland Honey, and Her Blooming Cheeks next to each other, I swathced this in the MAC store.   


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2 Responses to MAC Colour Collection Holiday Haul/Swatches

  1. Mika says:

    You pick the prettiest colors. That Ripe peach is sooo pretty. I might have to get that one. xoxo

  2. Alexis says:

    Great Haul!! Im lovin the lippie on u and the piggies r amazing :)))

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