Cheeky Friday!

Better Late Than Never!

So Today I only have a couple of pictures, that I took from my archive. I will be featuring NYX’s cream blush in Orange.  Orange is a bright, striking true orange color. It applies, however, as a soft glowing from within color. I like using cream blushes because it’s more natural looking on the cheeks.  However for those with oily skin, I would stay away from cream blushes, because it can make you look more oily. 

Cream blushes are also great for layering with powder blushes, it helps them to be more vibrant, and last longer; working like a base for the powder.  I don’t think it’s necessary to buy more expensive cream blushes with these bad boys.  They apply well, last long, are beautiful, and cheap.  I get about 4-5 hours worn alone, and it lasts all day when set/layered with powder.  Blushers, your cheeks will be grinning with joy allllllll day….yah heard?!! Good!

p.s. I suggest layer this with NYX cinnamon blushes. I will also be showing swatches of my other NYX cream & powder blushes.  Also, I will have a guest swatcher compare NYX Orange to MAC’s Optimistic Orange.  You can get these from the NYX website, ulta, cherryculture(they are having a 20% of everything sale ’til 10/31-code is Treat20) and your local BSS.

Focus on the blush ladies, I was doing a vid with the lippies, I will post it below 🙂


Pinks/Nudes For Full Lips                                                     

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6 Responses to Cheeky Friday!

  1. bolat says:

    you look great with this blush, unfortunately i cant wear orangy blushes:(

  2. MsDena610 says:

    Oh I just heart this blush..also I love the Hot Pink cream blush by NYX!

  3. Carrie says:

    Love it mO!!! I was scared to try this look until you showed how pretty it will look.. luv ya

  4. andrea says:

    Omg that blush really illuminates and make your cheeks pop. Do u know how this compares to optimistic orange by mac?

  5. Alexis says:

    That Blush is BEAUTIFUL!! I Love it, but i was wondering if u would reccomend it on oily-combo skin?

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