NYX Round Lipgloss Swatches

I’ve had these lippies sitting around for a while now, so I decided to put them back in rotation for my lips, and this blog :-).  I’ve included some lip/arm swatches and a few combos. I hope this helps because the online swatches are a disgrace…lol!

The packaging is very cutesy, more of fun teenage look to it.   But the applicator, and more importantly the opening of the tube is what I really like.  It has a slanted, medium doe foot applicator, and the tube opening is small enough to grab the excess off the applicator, but big enough to release just the right amount of product.  On the packaging it says you get .85oz which is a lot, especially compared to MAC’s lipglasses, which gives .17oz.  But this causes me to scratch my head, because I don’t see where there is 5 times the amount of product.  Anyhoooo….they can cost anywhere from $1-$3, I pay $1.50-$2.00 in my area, and would not pay any more than that for it.

Swatches on top are taken without flash

  1. Left: Sand Dune  Right: Cafe Latte


2.   Left: Chocolate Mousse   Right: Strawberry

3.   Left: Real Nude   Right: Doll Pink

4.   African Queen


 Why I like these?

  • They are light on the lips
  • Don’t feel drying
  • They are excellent for  pairing with lipsticks, without competing with, or removing the color
  • They have a nice applicator shape, and size for medium to fuller lips
  • They are very inexpensive

I don’t really have anything bad to say, except for some of theses lippies have no color payoff, they just look like they do, and you’re not able to swatch them before hand 😦

You can find these at NYX, Cherryculture, Ulta , ebay or your local beauty supply store.  I would check out cherryculture/ebay first, they usually have the best pricing.


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6 Responses to NYX Round Lipgloss Swatches

  1. bolat says:

    i love the nyx lipglosses too, espacially “african queen”, its agreat vibrant colour:)

  2. Carrie says:

    MO, what do you suggest ? I have darker lips and I purchased the same NYX lipglosses and it is not giving me a good color payoff . UUUGH!!! I had it that I cannot wear nudes

  3. shimia says:

    I love chocolate mousse…i like how you included the comparisons, those dupes are on point!

  4. Alexis says:

    Those r sooooooooo pretty, i adore the nudes 🙂

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