Super Lash Mascara By Apple: Review

Super Lash Mascara by Apple…..

  I’ve been using the Super Lash mascara for about six months now, and decided to include it on my blog. Even though it’s not the most accessible to all, I think it’s worth my words.  But before I start, let me say, my lashes are short, and  they curl upwards, with quite a few straight strays.  The mascaras are from a mexican company, located in mexico(durrrrrr 🙂 ) They have a wide selection of colors, and formulas, ranging from waterproof, colorful, to avocado infused.  Though I’ve only tried the black, blue, and clear….I have to say I really love this stuff! And I plan on trying a few more.  They cost anywhere from $1-$2.50…WOW!!  If you don’t live in an area that carries Super Lash, just google it or head on over to  great ole ebay  🙂


  Look at the damn brushless wand!
  My Bare lashes
   Clear mascara on the left eye
 Left eye: Bare      Right eye: One coat of blue mascara
 Left eye: Bare      Right eye: Two coats of blue mascara

   One thing I have noticed though is the mascara may only last for about 3-4 months, and then the brush automatically falls off the wand……wth? Can I choose when I discard my own damn mascara? geeeeesh!  With that said, though it is the makeup “rule” to only use your mascara for about 3 months; I’ve had mascaras that lasted me longer, and some that dry up before the 3 month mark.  Just be careful, and know your products, because not all mascaras are going to go bad at the 3 month mark, especially if you rotate your mascaras, and you don’t allow a lot of air to get into the product…oh, one more thing, DON’T EVER SHARE YOUR MASCARA!!! That’s gross, and can cause your eyes to become “bacteriaized”(get it? bacteria….eyes?) hahahahahahaha……I thought of that all by myself….uh hum….shall we continue?

Why I’m Loving It?

  • No clumping
  • Colors are rich, and transfer well to your lashes
  • Natural feeling on your lashes
  • Very affordable
  • Lifts, separates, & volumize
  • Wide selection of colors and formulas
  • Can be used for natural looking or dramatic lashes
  • No offensive odor
  • Packaging is very on-the-go friendly
  • Long wearing
  • Holds lash curls
  • Doesn’t smudge

What I’m Not Feeling About It?

  • Not easily accessible
  • Eyelid gets messy while applying(it could be my curly lashes or my hooded/small eyes)
  • Flakes a little bit sometimes
  • Brushes fall of the wand with no damn warning…boo dat!!

   The moral of the story is…….this mascara is great damn it! And you can’t beat the price with a baseball bat, a stick, a whip, a chain, nor a paddle….lmao!  But for real though, try it out:)

Nuff ♥Luv♥ Blushers

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3 Responses to Super Lash Mascara By Apple: Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    i am so freakin jealous of your natural curl

  2. blushingyal says:

    It’s so vibrant! Try ebay girl!

  3. wilderjmc says:

    ok now that blue is the absolute bomb!!! I have a jordana mascara in blue and you would think it was black lol, i will be looking for apple girl lol

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