NYX Lipliner Pencils: Swatches/Review

NYX Lip Pencils

Let me start this bit by saying I don’t judge you, so you better not even think of judging me, and my lip liner whoredom….capiche? Good! Let’s move on!  I cannot stop buying these pencils, and NYX lip pencils are some awesome lil suckers….yessur….yesssur….they are!  Most people compare them to MAC, but I won’t, well simply because I don’t own any MAC pencils. Thanks to a YT subbie of mine I have a few swatches of some MAC pencils:)

NYX has been doing the job for me for many years, even in my black liner, unblended on the lips years :). These little creamy goodness sent from lip heaven are awesome, and some of the best lip liners I own! There’s no need for anyone to rush out and buy the most expensive liners, because most liners are created equally, and can be easily duplicated (remember I said most not all).

These pencils come in a variety of finishes also.  There are matte, frost, satin, and cream finishes. NYX carries over 50 shades of pencils, and is always adding new shades to the bunch. There are also two versions available, long/short.  The long version of the pencils is about 8″ long with 2g/.08 oz of product, while the shorter version is about 6″ long with 1g/.04 oz of product(hey, I’m scratching my head too) The price ranges from $1-$3.50, depending on where you get it, and the size of the pencil.  I also have pencils that says made in Germany, and a few that says made in France.  I was told by a friend that the newer pencils are made in Germany and the older ones in France, well *Küsse* from my international lips…lol! 

 I’ll be showing the swatches in groups of: Browns, Pinks, Berries/Reds:

(L) is for the long version of the pencil/Underlined shades are actually eye/brow pencils, I use these to darken or tone down certain lipsticks I wear.




Rose*Natural*Ever*Purple Rain*Fuschia*Bloom*Pinky(L)  



Plum*Never*Currant*Deep Red*Auburn*Current(L)


Guest Swatcher: MAC Lip Pencils


Why I love NYX Lipliners? They are:

  • Very affordable
  • Soft & creamy
  • Easily accessible
  • Long wearing
  • Easy to blend, but doesn’t smudge after lipstick application
  • Available in many colors
  • Very pigmented
  • Available in many finishes
  • I could go on forever….But I won’t:)

 What I’m Not Feeling About These?

  • The online color swatches SUCKS!!!….uhmmm, yea…….that’s it!

 You can find these pencils at most local Beauty Supply Stores(BSS) or online at NYX  ulta , cherryculture or ebay.  But shop around, because the prices vary!

Nuff ♥Luv♥ Blushers

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15 Responses to NYX Lipliner Pencils: Swatches/Review

  1. Anointed4beauty says:

    can you do some dupes for mac lipliners using nyx lipliners

  2. Anointed4beauty says:

    I love NYX products as well and I absolutely love the lip pencils. Can you do some more swatches for NYX’s verses Mac like you did with purple rain.

  3. Camille says:

    I heard about NYX a while ago but only recently tried their lip liners and round lipsticks and I’m LOVING THEM!! The lip liners are fantastic. Round lipsticks are pretty drying on me, but using a balm underneath helps to work that out.

  4. Melissa says:

    ugh! I love love love NYX Lip pencils too!!….i use no other brand & i’m telling you it really does get the job done. I’m a tinsy bit obsessed with their round lipsticks as well. Value for money i tell ya. Luv it!

    I know this is random, but as i’m reading each post i’m just really loving ur blog! lol

  5. Lesley says:

    love the colors they look so pretty and are affordable

  6. monique says:

    i have mac lip pencils and nyx lip pencils and nyx is so much better for the buck!

  7. Crystal J. says:

    P.S. I need that NYX Purple Rain now….I hope you’re happy!

  8. Crystal J. says:

    repeat after me…”my name is blushingyal and i’m addicted to lipliners…go ahead, say it!”

    they sho’ is pretty though

  9. brandy says:

    i have like 20 and i want the rest!!! bloom is my favorite!!1

  10. Sara says:

    Great review! I love these pencils too!! NYX Orange is one of my GO TOOOOS!!!!

  11. Alexis says:

    WOW this is ammmmazing!!! I am lovin those colors and about to go broke getting them. Why do we need MAC lip liners again?? cuz i just forgot lol 🙂

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