MAC’s Naked Pigment Review

MAC’s Naked Pigment

    Left: Flash R: No flash

MAC’s description of their pigments in general:

“Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Does not streak or cake. Easy to blend and long-lasting.”

MAC’s description of the Naked pigment:

Fleshy beige w/ pearl (Matte)”


   Sooooooo…..I’ve had this dream of an eyeshadow for just about a month and a half now.  And I’ve worn it about 3 or 4 times, which is an accomplishment for me, because I prefer pressed eyeshadow over “loosies” as I lovingly call my pigments.  And have never used a pigment more than twice, if that much.  But I got this, and tried it, thanks to some friendly peer pressure 🙂 And I love this pigment.  It just gives the softest, most beautifully mild, glamorous look.  The Naked pigment looks good on everyone I’ve seen rock it, and I don’t find it has a lot of fall out, which makes it even more dreamy.

      Left: Flash Right: No flash

   Even though MAC changed the size of their pigment packaging(was 7.5g, now 4.5g), this will still last you forever and 3 days(unless you eat pigments for snack…lol). It retails on the MAC  website for $19.50, but can also be found other places in sample sizes(please be careful of fakes 😦 ). 

   I find the  color is a soft light beige, with flex of a silver/pearly color, I also think there is some kind of cloudy pink in the mix, but it could be my eyes deceiving me.  Though there are shimmer particles in the product, it is still considered matte, because the main component is matte, and it applies that way as well, but when hit by light the silver/pearly particles do reflect (though they can be blended out).  It blends well, and pairs well with almost any color.  If you are on the fairer side I would imagine it might not show up much against your skin, but would be great as brow highlighter, a wash of color or for the tearduct area.  For my WOC (brown, dark, and yellow skin blushers) this looks amaaaaaazing on us! We can rock it as a clean fresh look, or pair it with deeper colors for more of a glamorous/dramatic look………..yup……..Naked piggie is wassup! 🙂

   I am in love with this pigment, and will use it a lot.  I’ve already put some in my professional kit; because everybody must try this pigment, at least once, and then……………..well you’ll be hooked on the white stuff, just running around naked!……………………..Alright calm down, I’m talking about the pigment…..geeeeesh 🙂       And I would definitely re-purchase this when I run out; which, I predict, will be the day after I walk my great grand baby to his/her second day of  pre-school….Exactly…..lmao!                               

   Here’s my first look I did with the pigment(on my lid). Ofcourse, I didn’t take pics of the other looks…silly me:

Nuff ♥Luv♥ Blushers


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5 Responses to MAC’s Naked Pigment Review

  1. Kimberlee says:

    I really need to break down and buy this pigment, so pretty!

  2. maranda says:

    i agree very nice soft color love the matte look as well =)

  3. Alexis says:

    Yes girlie!!! I agree with it all…….i LOVE Naked 🙂 I love the look its so classic/everyday but if u pair that with a RED lip…………….a sexy night out on the town!!

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